High Executive Lumbar Back Support Cushion


A Lumbar Back support cushion is perfect for sitting long periods of time like office, working on computers and while travelling by car, plane or train it comes with a strap tie buckle for attaching it to a car seat or office chair. This support is one of our most popular choices for personal use or as a gift!

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Lumbar Back Support Cushion High Executive relives low back disc pressure, back pain and fatigue by forming the natural curve of lower back

  • Cushion and wedges are designed to improve your back, body posture and sleep.
  • Helps in relieving tension individuals who suffers from back injuries.
  • Wedges also offers requisite support to all parts of your body and keep them in alignment, thus relieving tension and pressure from your body.
  • Strengthens your back muscles while you sit.
  • Hugging Wings cradle your torso providing superior lateral stability.
  • Designed in such a way provides healthy arched back posture.
  • Lumbar back support is small enough to carry with you so you can take it with you for support at work, in the car, at the movies, at a stadium and at home.
  • Used for spinal support when placed on any chair, car seat and soft wheel chair etc.
  • Removes discomfort and pain after surgery.
  • Removable & washable Absorbent velvet cover.
  • Suitable for skin contact.
  • Does not support micro organisms growth.
  • Odour free, resilient and light weight.
  • Eases the pain associated with long hours of chair sitting
  • Ideal for slip disc patients
  • The Healthy Back Lumbar Support will cradle your back to keep it in perfect horizontal alignment
  • This will help to get rid of the back pains that you thought would never go away


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