Leg Elevation Pillow (Ortho Wedge Support)


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Leg elevation pillow is specifically designed for people who work while standing for a longer period of time. Its wedge shape serves to lift the legs upward so that the circulation of blood is increased and on top of all it helps in curing the varicose veins. Using the Elevated leg rest Cushion, you will gently feel relaxed due to increased blood flow.


Features & Benefits

  • ‚ÄčInstantly eases leg and foot pain, correct posture with the help of an adjustable strap. Its wedge shape serves to lift the legs upward to improve blood circulation.
  • It helps in curing the varicose veins, It support to swollen legs and stimulate circulation
  • The wedge pillow is perfect to use in bed or on the couch,
  • While sleeping it helps to avoid swelling and back pain.


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