Knock Knee & Bow Leg Brace (Genu Varum Genu Valgum) (1PC)


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  • This Brace is used to manage Knee Valgum & Knee Varum deformity.
  • Used for controlling a “knock-kneed” deformity.
  • Used to control “bow-legged” deformity such as Blount’s Disease or Tibial Vara in pediatrics.
  • The Knee can be locked in a standing position.
  • Used in Osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid deformities.
  • This brace is recommended as a conservative treatment option by AAOS.
  • Designed with 3 point pressure system without knee joints.
  • Shares pressure on knee joint replacement.
  • May reduce the risk of further damage of the knee ligament structure.
  • The brace uses leverage to decrease stress to medial, or inside aspects of the knee.
  • Allows an early improvement in alignment which helps eliminates an abnormal gait or limp.
  • Relieves compartmental stress.

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L-17", M-15", S-13", XL-19", XS-10", XXS-8"


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