Emergency Splint For Arm-Salo Orthotics


Salo Orthotics Emergency Splint provide fast, effective and comfortable immobilization to the patient, it can be moulded as per the patients requirement without applying pressure. It can be used to splint every bone in the Human Body. It provides strong and supportive immobilization for any fractured limb.

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The splints soft aluminum allows it to be shaped in numerous ways to best fit for each patient. Unlike many utility splints in the market, its foam will not irritate the skin and is also easy to clean for reuse.
It is made from rubber with light metal (aluminium) sheet inside the splint with foam padding on one side provide cushioning comfort to the affected body part.
Size Guide Information
Measure Length of injured part to be splinted in inches.


Splinting of dislocated or fractured upper or lower limb in emergency


  • Easy to use, fast and comfortable
  • Molds to exact shape of the patients body to immobilize and support

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Long Arm "U" Splint, Short Arm "U" Splint


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