PTB (Patellar Tendon Bearing) Brace With Footplate


PTB Brace with Footplate is used for lower one-third tibia and fibula and or fibular fractures for limiting ankle movement viz. Inversion, eversion, and plantar flexion.

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PTB Brace permits joint mobility and early return to normal activities used for tibia and fibula fractures. Allows movement of adjacent joints (Knee, Ankle, and foot) To increase blood flow, ontogenesis and function.

Features & Benefits
  • Foam-lined, preformed PTB Brace Provides intimate contact needed for effective support.
  • It helps to increase blood flow, ontogenesis, and function.
  • Permits joint mobility and early return to normal activities.
  • Bye passes weight on the tibia and transfers body weight from knee joint to ankle.
  • Lightweight, durable polypropylene can be trimmed with cast scissors and modified with a heat gun.
  • Suitable for skin contact, does not absorb perspiration.
  • It does not support micro-organism’s growth.
  • Washable, odor-free, tough, resilient and lightweight.

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