Sterling Surgical Sales (Salo Orthotics) is India’s fastest growing Manufacturers & Exporter of a wide range of Pre & Post Operative Care Support Rehabilitation & Fracture Aid Products.

Our main products cover Foot Splints, Leg Brace, Hand Splints, Finger Splint, Arm Splint and Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (TLSO) along with coccyx cushion, donut cushions, back rest, lumber roll, leg elevator and many more.

Our products are Cϵ Certified and W.H.O. – G.M.P. Certified.  With over 15 years of industrial experience.


  1. We have skilled & focused team of professionals which caters to the  customer’s exact requirements while ensuring prompt and timely service.
  2. Salo has been  able to offer high efficiency, best quality and light weight Products
  3. Our products prevent micro organism growth.
  4. We provide flexible end-to-end solutions that assist  Dealers, Doctors (Ortho – Neuro – Physio)  and Individuals to meet their objectives by  giving the best services at an affordable price to realize the highest margin (in terms of monetary & satisfaction) from our product.
  5. We are not only engaged with splints & braces, we even manufacture Cushion Products like Coccy  Cushions, Cervical Pillows, Donut Cushions, Car Back Support Cushions and Leg Elevator. We  have  elaborated our products in all over india with numerous Dealers & even in International market as well.
  6. We have deep knowledge of manufacturing so we assure perfect product with superior functionality.
  7. We use superior quality of Aluminum Splints, Plastic splints,elastic and fabric materials to maintain the best quality in its segment.
  8. We offer wide range of products to fulfill your requirements.