Protector Finger Splint

Protector Finger Splint

Code : 302

Finger Splint is used in the Condition requiring support and immobilization of interphalangeal joints. Dislocations and sprain during sports and cushed fractures due to accidents.

Indications for Use

Fracture of distal interphalangeal joints
Collateral ligament injury of the distal interphalangeal joint
Protection from nail bed injuries of fingers

Features & Benefits
  • Shaped to fit fingers, poly propylene tubing provide protection and comfort for corns, hammertoes, finger lacerations, ulcerations, enlarged joints and more
  • Gentle compression aids in reducing swelling
  • Tubes are hand washable and reusable
  • Two Buddy Loops to provide two point pressure and slipping of rolling
  • Suitable for skin contact, does not absorb perspiration
  • Does not support micro organisms growth
  • Washable, odour free, tough, resilient and light weight