Mini Back Comfort Cushion with Adjustable Strap

Mini Back Comfort Cushion with Adjustable Strap

Used in cases of

This Mini Back comfort Cushion with adjustable strap design is the creation of our innovative and creative minded team, It provides full contoured shape support at the desired position of the spine with the help of adjustable strap and relieves pressure away from your body so that you can relax with full comfort.

Indications for Use

Used for spinal support when placed on any chair, car seat and soft wheel chair etc. Cradles your back to keep it in perfect horizontal alignment.

Features & Benefits
  • Adjustable height Strap Provides contoured shape placement at desired position of spine
  • Eases the pain associated with long hours of chair sitting
  • Helps relieve Pressure away from your body so you can relax
  • Compact & Handy size, You can carry it with you for support at work, in the car, at the movies, at a stadium and at home
  • Made with 100% High Density PU moulded Foam
  • Removable & washable Absorbent velvet cover
  • Does not support micro organisms growth