About Us

"We Sterling Surgical Sales is an ISO-13485:2003 certified company and our complete product range is CE certified". We are leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Pre & Post Operative Rehabilitation & Fracture Aid products in India; these include Foot Splints, Leg Brace, Hand Splints, Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (TLSO), Cervical Pillow, Lumbar Back Support Cushions and Coccyx Cushion. We also offer Taylor Brace, Humeral Brace, hydro collator moist heat hot pack, Cuff Weight etc. The defining quality that sets us apart from everyone in the industry is the unbound passion that we have towards our work and impeccable work record that speaks for itself and resonates in the industries we cater to. Our impeccable understanding of needs and requirements of our valued customers has helped us deliver unmatched results in rehabilitation and fracture Aid products. The pristine designing skill of our team adds to the user experience which results in high ROI. "Clients Delight" is the biggest motivation for team Sterling Surgical Sales.

AFO & Foot Splints

Code : 101
This AFO from SALO Orthotics aids in swing phase toe clearance and reduce plantar flexion impact in early stance and allows natural heel strike.

Code : 102A
The static drop foot is designed with comfort it include 3-dimensional padding throughout the shell and adjustable flexion straps that control inversion.

Code : 102B
Our Foot Drop Splint with Detachable Plate is helpful in gait abnormality in which the dropping of the forefoot happens due to weakness

Code : 103
Articulated Ankle-Foot-Orthosis (AFO) are common devices fabricated at Sterling Surgical.

Leg & Knee Braces

Code : 112
This CTEV Splint from Sterling surgical is very much useful for infants having mild to moderate CTEV deformities and maintaining the correction achieved by other measures

Code : 102A
Ankle Brace is used for the treatment of Ankle Sprain, it also compresses & protects the lower leg and Ankle within the regular Shoe.

Code : 115
PTB Brace Permits joint mobility and early return to normal activities. Optimal control and molding through soft-tissue compression.

Code : 116
PTB Brace With Foot plate is used for lower one third tibia and fibula and/ or fibular fractures for limiting ankle movement viz.

Hand Splints

Code : 201
Our Humerus Brace is designed in such a way it helps to immobilize and maintain compression for fracture alignment and healing for distal or midshaft humerus fractures.

Code : 202
To immobilize shoulder motion and maintain compression for fracture alignment and healing for upper one third humeral fractures.

Code : 204
Our Dynamic Extension Splint is an extension assist splint to bring mobility to the interphalangeal joints.

Code : 205
Ideal for sprains, strains and control of carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. The ability to fit your wrist and hand snug and tight,

Finger Splints & Elbow Splints

Code : 121
Elbow Extension Brace is designed to be used in the injury caused when an elbow joint is forced backwards beyond its normal range of motion

Code : 301
Static Finger Splint is used in the Condition requiring support and immobilization of interphalangeal joints.

Code : 302
Finger Splint is used in the Condition requiring support and immobilization of interphalangeal joints.

Code : 303
This Buddy Finger Splint is designed for the treatment of Hair line fracture, arthritis, soft tissue injuries,

Back & Lumbar Support

Code : 402
The Healthy Back Deluxe Lumbar Support is perfect for travel or work, and includes a strap for attaching it to a car seat or office chair.

Code : 408
Look like a normal chair cushion with perfect oval shaped hole under cover, there is no visual difference

Code : 404
This Mini Back comfort Cushion with adjustable strap design is the creation of our innovative and creative minded team,

Code : 406
The edge of our coccyx cushion is designed in a way to position the hips for better posture and alignment.